How to Rent

      1. Choose your reservation date from our calendar and click “add to cart”.
      2. After completing check out, please send us the following: ORDER NUMBER, VENUE NAME, ADDRESS, EMAIL, and PHONE NUMBER so we know where to deliver them and can contact the venue for insurance, plus the time you would prefer drop off and pickup (
      3. All orders include delivery, setup, and pickup, with a pickup time of no later than 9:00PM, and delivery within 20 miles of our warehouse. Pickups past 9:00PM will incur a separate fee.  The delivery cost for orders outside of 20 miles will be determined based off of location and whether or not it involves setup from our movers and/or florist. Please email us and we can give you a quote for this price based off these two factors.  Any pickups past 9:00PM are subject to a late night pickup fee, which can be found on our terms and conditions page. 
      4. Checkout. We offer 2 payment options: All the payment is due up front or SHOP PAY which splits it into 4 payments.

At the end of your wedding, we will come by and pick up all the rentals for your convenience. 

Price is for 1 setup/location only. The price you pay is for our movers and/or florist to set this item up one time, at one location. Additional fees will apply if the desired rental item is to be moved from the ceremony to the reception, or anywhere else.

    We will deliver your product, set it up, and pick it up for FREE within a 20 mile distance from Belmont, California, if your pickup is before 9:00PM. If you cannot determine if your event address qualifies for free delivery, give us your event address and we will be happy to let you know. If you location exceeds 20 miles, we charge $1/mile. Not to exceed 75 miles total.

    Please be sure to check with your venue to confirm our rentals will fit in the desired place. 

    If you need any item moved from the ceremony, to the reception, or anywhere else. An additional moving and setup fee will be required. Our arches, arbors, pillars, and backdrops are very large and do not fit through doors. They have to be dissembled, which requires our movers and/or florist to stay onsite through the ceremony and move to the desired spot after it is over, set it up again, and/or for our florist to arrange the florals again. Some items that do not need to be taken apart are still not easily moveable, like our garden arch, floral pillars, flower wall, ect. These also require our own team to move them. This is due to insurance reasons, it will not cover anyone outside our team if it is damaged during a move.

    We also try to work directly with your venue so you don’t have to be the go-between for set up, delivery, storage, and pickup. Therefore, we ask for the name, address, and phone number of your venue. 

    If anything changes just email us at: